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ich Young (March 2012): "I have been musical director and entertainer/ bandleader at the Historic Gold Dust Lounge in San Francisco for the past 14 years.  The Gold Dust, on Powell Street is far and away one of my favorites, since it has a very long and colorful "live music" history. Many great and famous names from America's musical heritage have entertained at Techau's Tavern (later to be known as The Gold Dust Lounge). Ruby Adams, Clyde Doerr, Art Hickman, Paul Whiteman, and Janis Joplin (to name but a few), have filled that venue with music night after night. In the 1950's, musical great Bing Crosby even had a part ownership in that venue.
Today that "Live Music Nightly" heritage continues at The Gold Dust Lounge with well-known musicians John Nichols, Jim Nichols, Steve Evans, Paul Olguin, Michael Hatfield, Tony Stead, Eddie Kendrick, Richard Young and others who have entertained all over the world, but call San Francisco (and The Gold Dust Lounge) their musical home.
The Gold Dust Lounge is also the "last bastion" in San Francisco of the concept of a "House Band". That phenomenon, once prevalent across the United States, and in San Francisco at places such as The Fairmont Hotel, and The Mark Hopkins Hotel, is almost extinct, as any working professional musician can tell you. Powell Street itself, as recently as the 1950's had a dozen clubs with live music between Union Square and Market Street. The only club left on that stretch with live music nightly is The Gold Dust Lounge. That alone makes it a historic site, calling back memories of a time when Union Square was a bustle of night time social activity.  The Gold Dust employs 25 professional musicians, and is open 365 days per year, well-known as "where to go for fun and live music while in San Francisco" by cab drivers, hotel concierges, convention operators, and San Francisco and Bay Area local residents entertaining out-of-town guests and family. It is one of the "last of the last" historic places for nightly live music, entertainment, and culture in San Francisco."

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