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GoldDustIphoneIconWelcome to the Gold Dust Lounge Memorabilia Store!

We have the best products for every kind of customer. Check us out! We were established in 1933 in a time when getting good quality products was expensive, and the prices were high. In our shop we offer a huge collection of products with various ranges. You can easily find products selecting the category you would like to browse above.

Visit our new shop and have a look at all the great original products we offer with checkout available via paypal!   Absolutely FREE Shipping on all domestic orders!

Top ten Products

Gold Dust Iphone 5 Case

hand shovel
Sales price: $40.00

Gold Dust Pet Bowl

hand shovel
Sales price: $40.00

Men's Grey Tank Top

hand shovel
Sales price: $25.00
The New Gold Dust Lounge
The New Gold Dust Lounge
Fisherman's Wharf
165 Jefferson St. Suite #1
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 397-1695
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Hours of Operation

Sunday 9AM - 2AM
Monday 9AM - 2AM
Tuesday 9AM - 2AM
Wednesday 9AM - 2AM
Thursday 9AM - 2AM
Friday 9AM - 2AM
Saturday 9AM - 2AM