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  • San Francisco's

    Best Irish Coffee - $6

    Your won't find a better deal anywhere else in the world.  Our Irish Coffees are made with Premium Lavazza Coffee Beans freshly ground and brew every day for the tastiest Irish Coffee you will find this side of the Rockies.  Voted #1 in San Francisco!

  • Premium Beer...

    Cold & Delicious!

    Set in the heart of Fisherman's Wharf, Gold Dust Lounge strives to provide the finest selection of craft beer, by pouring the latest and best beers available, and offering true beer geek knowledge. We have 18 rotating taps, serving local and not so local craft beer, as well as a fine selection of premium craft beer in our bottle shop. So come on out to visit and enjoy the comfortable, relaxed atmosphere of The Gold Dust Lounge.

  • Specialty Cocktail...

    You Are What You Drink!

    Especially during your night out, so tailor the spirits to reflect your spirit. These days, personalizing what you sipping during cocktail hour (whether served from silver platters or ice-filled troughs) is a must. It's just one more thoughtful clue that tells the story of how you appreciate San Francisco and Celebrate your time at the Gold Dust Lounge. Let us help you customize your Drink and Make it your Specialty Cocktail.

  • Wine By The Glass...

    Napa Valley Wines By the Glass!

    Having the good fortune of being located in the heart of California’s amazing Napa Valley wine country, we are pleased to offer our hand-picked selection of Oregon wines, both by the glass and by the bottle. Please take a moment to peruse our selection of local reserve wines; we feel we have compiled an amazing list!

  • Aged Brandies & Scotch...

    Cognac & Whiskey!

    But let’s be honest: There are quite some differences between whiskey and brandy. It begins with the raw materials, over methods and how to consume the actual product.

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